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    地 址:中國江蘇常州三河口工業園區
    手 機:13606122988
    電 話:0519-88672258 0519-88672258
    傳 真:0519-88672218
    網 址:www.tongyong-elevator.com


    應用概述 General of applications


    ★Dust free feeding station is suitable for bag or cylinder material unpacking. The device is equipped with dust removal device, in the course of feeding dust removal device to avoid dust, dust pollution to avoid the background environment, suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry and other sectors of the material feeding link. Clean feed screening station is suitable for bagged or barrel material unpacking feeding and screening, this product is feeding sieving machine, high sieving function, can be replaced according to the demand of the screen, the device is equipped with dust removal device during feeding process through the dust removal device to avoid dust, avoid the pollution of environment, the process for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry

    特 點 General of applications






    ★Independent dust removing device, no dust leakage

    ★It is equipped with an auxiliary plate turnover mechanism, reduce labor intensity

    ★It has the advantages of simple structure, safe and convenient operation, easy maintenance;

    ★No dead design, easy to clean;

    ★It can meet the requirements of different processing capacity;

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